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  • Mission Critical Info

    Stats & Figures

    $12 to Enlist

    Additional Ammo & Secondary Weapons Available

    (3) 30 Round Clips

    (2 Clips on the refill)


    of Zombies

    5 per Team

    every 10 minutes

  • Mission Brief

    The ZTF Laser Tag experience features the only tactical laser tag equipment in Kansas. This new laser tag equipment is unlike anything you have seen before. For this experience, they will be used as assault rifles with three 30 round clips. However, additional clips and even a secondary gun like a shotgun can be purchased.

    Sector 7


    The zombie threat was neutralized last year (see below), but not before they started to mutate. There is a new threat to the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park and this crop of zombies is immune to the specially formulated dye. Therefore, the Zombie Task Force upgraded their equipment to state-of-the-art tactical laser [tag] rifles.


    Unfortunately, the new wave of zombies is even larger than the first and has continually breached the perimeter in Sector 7. So we desperately need every civilian available to fight them off. Our new technology will accommodate children as young as 5 years old. Help us save the animals and enlist today!



    Nobody knows the exact origin of the undead virus, but it is believed to have started near the little town of Goddard, KS. How or why it started is still unknown.


    The Ark


    As the virus spread, it was determined an "Ark" should be established to help save the world's animal species. One of the wildlife parks chosen – due to its extensive list of successful breeding programs for rare and endangered species – was Tanganyika Wildlife Park. As more and more animals were relocated to Tanganyika Wildlife Park for the Ark Project, the financial burden increased significantly. It was estimated they needed more than $600,000 to care for the animals during the winter months. To make matter worse, the Ark was near the epicenter of the outbreak and zombies had begun attacking the animals.


    The Team


    Therefore, a team was assembled to help avenge the animals. However, the aptly named "Avengers" decided they would rather fight
    alien races instead of zombies.


    So a second squad was formed. There were a crack commando unit that was sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit, and escaped due to the outbreak. Living underground and still wanted by the government, they have survived as soldiers of fortune. They were called the "A team". However, government funding dried up and they disappeared to the Los Angeles underground.


    Finally, desperate to save the animals, Tanganyika Wildlife Park formed their own Zombie Task Force (ZTF). The new joint task force would be led by a small group of military personnel. The heart of the Zombie Task Force would be civilians. Anyone that was 12 or older, could put their lives on the line to assist the ZTF leaders with nightly perimeter checks. When zombies breached the "kill zone", civilian teams would shoot the zombies with a specially formulated dye that seeps into the skin of the zombies and kills them. It is because of their determination and passion, that the ZTF has been able to keep the undead corpses at bay.


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    Save Rare and Endangered Species!

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